Due to a problem with the domain you will have to update your software's configuration to be able to download data now.
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Most analytic software vendors offer custom downloading programs to provide integrated access to the Dial/Data database. If your software doesn't have built-in downloading utilities, you can use our optional Retriever program (for 32 bit Windows PCs) to download easily. Here are some of the leading software packages that Dial/Data supports.
The 32 bit downloader program can only run on Windows XP and earlier. Please contact us if you want this version.

Compatible Software

AIQ Systems (legacy version)




Delphi Economic, Inc.

Delta Graphics

Equis International

Essex Trading

Financial Computer Systems

FundVest Inc.

Future Ware Software

Liberty Research Corp

Linn Software

North American Software

N. North Systems


Plaid Brothers Software

Radix Research

Schwab Performance Technologies

Tiger Investment Software

Trendsetter Software